Thursday, July 23, 2009

The First of Many New Blogs

I originally had this blog as a private "vent", say whatever kind of blog. Around my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I realized I needed change, and the best way to get change is to make it yourself. So, I have adopted a "positive" outlook. Not just an optimistic view, but an active mental participation on making myself happier. I read "Happiness From the Inside Out" by Robert Mack. I've applied some of the things he wrote about in his book. I've made decisions solely based on whether it will bring me happiness. Now, you may chuckle and ask, "how hard can it be to make yourself happy?" To someone who, over the years, has become a naturally critical and pessimistic's a difficult challenge. Therefore, changes have been made and the changes are for the better. I exercise...daily, no excuses. I do have rest days, but they are not routine. I do hobbies and events for me and only me. I play soccer; I scrapbook; I read, I take long baths, I learn. Whatever gives me happiness. Yes, it may sounds as if I am becoming selfish, and in a way, I am. My boys and my husband see the new happiness in me and in turn, they are happy. Therefore, our happiness makes a large circle feeding off the happiness we make and the happiness we receive.

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Jamie said...

It took me a little while to figure this out... but it TOTALLY is working for me right now too...

It's kinda weird... but my family is much happier for it! You go girl!