Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Giveaway

We are always on the hunt for products that make our lives greener. Here's one product that I really need to remember to order. ReUsies. An adorable way to rid plastic baggies from our kids' lunches!

Right now, a great sale is going on. If you would like to get some ReUsies, they are having a sale right now! You can save 10% on orders of 3 or more, simply enter code "3ORMORE" at checkout!

If you're not ready to purchase some of your own, try to win two Reusies, one sandwich size and one snack size. Go to MomsWearYourTees blog to enter!

Monday, March 8, 2010


I love those kind of moments when everything just clicks and makes sense. They do wonders for my Type A personality, almost like the first sunshine after a dreary winter. A brilliant beacon of hope that the grayness is leaving soon. This weekend, I had several of those. Without revealing all details before taking on some additional research, I've had "aha!" moments regarding a couple of career questions, children questions, and a fitness question.

The career questions always lead to "Will this make me happy as well as help me provide for my children?" I think my "aha!" moments have settled this tumultuous inner debate I've had for at least a couple of years now, and that brings my Type A personality at ease.

Children questions are always lingering in my head, but most are "how do I deal...?" and "how are you my child?" sort of thing. But with careful pondering and many hours observing them, and one especially, I think I have realized what to do. Basically, I just need to open a different line of communication with my oldest son, who is on the cusp of tween-dom. I seriously considered creating an interactive video game just to talk wih him.

Fitness...that was the easy one. I needed to reach a certain level with my workouts, and I answered by joining one of my city's recreation centers. Within a week, I began climbing that ladder of progress. Funny thing is, even just a couple of years ago, I never thought I'd be spending about an hour a day in a gym. Everything has just made sense lately when it comes to my fitness and race training.

My "aha!" weekend was just what I needed lately. When was your last "aha!" moment?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Simply Saturday

I have nothing to say about at all. I worked today on a Saturday. I do this frequently. Usually I enjoy it because I get caught up from an entire week with minimal disruptions. Today, I missed a birthday party my kids were invited to at the typical birthday spot, Chuck E. Cheese. Now, don't get me wrong, I, like every other parent avoids Chuck E. Cheese like the plague, but what I missed the most was the photographic opportunities.

I just love taking pictures of my boys, especially in rare moments of complete enrapture of a game or activity. Those make the best pictures. Considering I have two children, more opportunities will come my way. I just hate to miss them.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fantasy Friday

Get your mind out of the gutter...this is about a fantasy I've had for several years, many more than that, but I have refined this fantasy, year after year. I think it is close enough to perfect to actually share.

Several who really know me know I love to write, but over the years, I have lost my time and drive to write. Thank you, adulthood. As much as I hate to say this, life took me for a whirlwind ride and left me not knowing up from down and where in the world I should go. I think I found the little path hidden in the brush and tentatively, I'm taking it.

So, you're thinking, "what in the world does a little path have to do with your fantasy?"

I'd love to write in these places...(that, my friends, is what I dream of during the day, while I run, at night while I'm recouping from a busy day.)

1. A beach side cabana.

Any beach will do as long as there is the sun, the sea, and the sand.

2. Any historical tower.

Really, do not ask me why, but think about it. Writing at the top of a tower where history was made? The thought makes me want to pack my bag and leave immediately. It also makes me think of Lord Bryon writing his poetry and Don Juan or Dante toiling over The Inferno. Even though neither of them really lived in a tower, a tower is just a neat spot.

3. On a boat.

Now close your eyes and imagine the scene from Jewel of the Nile, where Joan Wilder (Kathleen turner) throws her typewriter overboard. Yes, I can see myself doing exactly that.

4. Lastly, and honestly, a tree house.

My own little world that I can climb into whenever I needed and wanted to write. Nowadays, I can have my entire home in a tree if I wanted. Something like this should do.

So, what is your fantasy???

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Forgotten Thought

Last night I thought of this wonderful phrase, and as soon as I thought it, I thought "that would be great in my blog". Did I immediately write it down?

Nope. I did not. Why? Probably pure laziness or the fact it was pushing 10:00 p.m., the time I usually drift off. In my defense, I think I'll use the excuse of the fact my 3 year old was sleeping in my arms. Who in their right mind would not forgive that? Anyone with any creative bone in their body would not forgive it.

All day long I've been trying to recall that one amazing thought. It's been driving me crazy. I always have some sort of something in order to jot a note down. Pen and paper, my phone, my computer, my hand, a napkin, I think once in college, I even used my jeans. My bag, purse and pockets get emptied every night of tidbits of paper with notes scribbled here and there. Some get put back, some make it to a place to save for later, some get forgotten completely, and some get washed in the laundry. I'm really irritated with myself. I know better.

Moral of the story: Always, always write down your thought(s), especially if you know you're going to use it or even think you may possibly, one day, ten years later, use it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little One's Surgery Countdown

So, yea...I forgot to blog yesterday. I just got overwhelmed with things this working mother has to take care of in one day. A busy bee, that's me. Plus, the interjection of a doctor's appointment for my youngest son really threw me off course. He's going in 8 days to have strabismus surgery, and the doc just wanted to take a final look. It's a relatively easy procedure, in and out in about four hours. yet, my head still spins. All I can think about is the final episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. I don't think I could handle any of that. To refresh your memory...

Ray Barone stresses about getting his adenoids removed. Everyone assures him he'll be fine, but he believes otherwise. As it turns out, the doctors have trouble taking Ray out of anesthesia, and his family quickly gets worried, until the doctor comes out moments later to explain that he is fine. It is agreed that Ray will not be told, and neither will Marie, who was in the bathroom at the time. However, Marie gets the truth out of Frank, and Debra must explain the incident to Raymond, who is still unaware of the mishap. The ensuing discussion, which includes Robert and Amy as well, involves Ray asking, "So for 30 seconds, you all thought I might be dead?", which was followed with a smile and asking, "What did everybody do?" One by one, each Barone express their love for Ray (either subtly or noticeably). The next day, the entire family sits down at the table for breakfast. Everyone is talking and laughing, and the show ends on that note. - -Plot synopsis from Wikipedia

I know that the probability of this happening is next to nothing, but the thought is still there. The next 8 days seem arduous and full of time-occupying activities to keep my mind in other places. The countdown begins...

Monday, March 1, 2010

A New Month

Every 30-ish days, I get a do over. At least that's how it seems to me, especially this month. Maybe it's because Spring is right around the corner. Maybe it's just because I like a clean slate. I really don't know. I do know every 1st of the month, I get a little twitter in my step and a shot of glee when I turn that calendar page. I don't care if my calendar is already packed, I just love turning that page.

So, this month I'm hopping on this "clean slate" feeling and blogging every day this month. I am a bit terrified because I often feel I rarely have anything interesting enough for people to read every day. Perhaps that's the reason I post on an occasional basis. Nevertheless, I plan to post every single day even if I really have nothing witty or something deep to get off my chest. Maybe this will be the creative kick in the rear I need. We'll see.