Monday, March 8, 2010


I love those kind of moments when everything just clicks and makes sense. They do wonders for my Type A personality, almost like the first sunshine after a dreary winter. A brilliant beacon of hope that the grayness is leaving soon. This weekend, I had several of those. Without revealing all details before taking on some additional research, I've had "aha!" moments regarding a couple of career questions, children questions, and a fitness question.

The career questions always lead to "Will this make me happy as well as help me provide for my children?" I think my "aha!" moments have settled this tumultuous inner debate I've had for at least a couple of years now, and that brings my Type A personality at ease.

Children questions are always lingering in my head, but most are "how do I deal...?" and "how are you my child?" sort of thing. But with careful pondering and many hours observing them, and one especially, I think I have realized what to do. Basically, I just need to open a different line of communication with my oldest son, who is on the cusp of tween-dom. I seriously considered creating an interactive video game just to talk wih him.

Fitness...that was the easy one. I needed to reach a certain level with my workouts, and I answered by joining one of my city's recreation centers. Within a week, I began climbing that ladder of progress. Funny thing is, even just a couple of years ago, I never thought I'd be spending about an hour a day in a gym. Everything has just made sense lately when it comes to my fitness and race training.

My "aha!" weekend was just what I needed lately. When was your last "aha!" moment?

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