Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fitness Update and Goals

I've been doing well on my "back to healthy" journey I started back in March after the loss of my step-brother and putting on weight I never imagined I could get. I should track my calories more frequently but I'm in such a pattern and I can eye my portions almost perfectly. I know when I eat too much and know how to balance my calorie intake on days I need to if I go over. I've officially fit into my lifestyle change, I think.

On the soccer front, the rainy fall has only let us play 4 games so far, so over the next few weeks I'm (hopefully) in for a good amount of soccer if the weather cooperates. My foot injury is doing well as long as I rest when I need to and actually listen to my body. I'm currently in the hunt for off season conditioning without crossing over into indoor soccer. I like it, but I prefer outdoor. I have found incredible Les Mills classes, but I'm also looking into a possible mixed martial arts (MMA) gym to do judo with my son.

As for working out, I keep on a regular schedule of running, weights, and yoga. As the colder months approach, I have to decide either to suffer the cold or get into a local rec center to have a horrendous affair with the "dreadmill". I only hope my neighborhood streets and park track will understand.

I have officially completed my first 5K. Saturday, I ran the Susan G. Komen in Dallas. 40.05 minutes, pretty impressive even with my foot aching almost the entire time. I got to run with one of my Calorie Count friends that I've made through that site, and the motivation we both had kept me fueled. I've always hated running, but now it's a need, a craving my body has almost daily. The endurance I have proven to have came through and I have never felt so empowered in my life. Well, except for giving birth twice, but this accomplishment is solely mine. I'll continue to do 5Ks until I feel I need to do more.

As for weight loss and management, I hit 145 around October 1st. It's been almost four years since I've seen that weight. I still think I need to lose just about 5 pounds, but my workouts are about toning, definition, and self-esteem. Of course the adrenaline/endorphin highs are fantastic as well.

I have shared my journey throughout all of this with several, many actually, people and will continue to do so. The fact that I inspire and motivate others keeps me motivated. Truly motivated for every day to stay with it and encourage others to do whatever it takes to start or keep them on their journey. Honestly, I wouldn't have been able to feel this way, to help others and myself without Calorie Count. That site, the friends I have made there, the constant challenge and support have had an intricate role in my journey to become happy with the new self I see emerging on a daily basis.

After evaluating several factors in my weight stabilization, I have set a couple of new goals. They seem a bit paltry, but they are new and something new to work towards is always a good thing. New goals keep me motivated. I just work better that way. Work to see results, kind of gal.

1. Adjusted goal date to hit my "happy" weight to December 1st. I've already passed a goal date, several actually, but I hadn't realized what I really needed to do, to drop the last few pounds.

2. Try something new every month to get out of the "routine". Classes, weight workouts, swimming, the "dreadmill" (ugh), whatever I can do to jump start the loss again.

3. A new perspective and attitude. Even though I will most likely always be working towards a number, I'm trying to remember that now it's about shape, feeling, overall health.

With that said, I say to you that just can't seem to get started or find yourself lacking the motivation, just do something. Anything. Make that start, commit and stay strong. Just like with children, consistency is key. Be consistent, make a routine, make an appointment with yourself and the rest of your new life! Grab this opportunity with both hands and do not let go. Carpe diem to the fullest extent!

Staying strong and happy health.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Random Thoughts Today

1. One full day of cartoons can make you feel like you're losing IQ points.

2. If you kill two bugs that you see mating, are there any karmic repercussions?

3. Why can't I take chances in life like I do in computerized Farkle?

4. No one tells you that after the age of 30, ice cream may no longer like you, even if you like it more than ever.

5. No matter how much I love the rainy weather, consistently yucky weather is wearing on the soul. the main reason I never moved to Seattle.

6. How can 9 year old boys take longer and hotter showers than their mother, who has four times as much hair to wash and condition and has to shave her legs?

7. Emotions are a funny thing...and often come out of nowhere.

8. I'm realizing things I wanted 10, 11, even 12 years ago...are nowhere close to things I want now.

9. Having only boys as your children is quite remarkable. When you're not feeling well, one will draw you flowers and the other will jump all over you.

10. Romance equals effort.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My 9 Year Old's Christmas List

In order to get a head start on Christmas shopping, I had T, my 9 year old son, sit down and make out his Christmas list. Considering I don't remember in the slightest what I wanted for Christmas when I was 9, his list is pretty impressive especially since he put some pretty practical things on it.

1. Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 with tripod

2. LEGO Indian Jones Xbox 360 game

3. New play shoes
(I, the cool mom, am thinking about these...)


(Because of the mature rating...this is something we'll have to think about.)

5. A cell phone
(I seriously do not think so.)

6. A new pair of biking gloves.

7. The Beatles, Rock Band.

8.The Universe (the whole series)

9. Electronic Toss Across

10. My own ATV

(I personally think this is awesome as all get out, but considering we don't have the land for's just not feasible.)

11. Just Kidding by Andy Griffiths.

Added by Mom

12. Goosebumps Series by R.L. Stine

13. MP3 Player

14. Digital Camera