Thursday, May 27, 2010

Admist a Metamorphosis

Currently, I am wrapped in an invisible cocoon. Thinking, deciding, wondering, pondering. Changes in my heart, my spirit, my soul are necessary for the butterfly within to emerge. Yet, the transformation process is a slow one to progress forward. The changes began nearly two years ago, slowly, independently, quietly within the dark corners of my mind. As days passed and I looked deeper inside myself, the changes began to grow louder until my voice broke the silence and announced my needs.

Since declaring my necessities, I have stepped within myself and began to wrap my doubts, my fears, my questions around me creating a numbing cocoon, in which I can hide and delve into the depths of my mind. I protect myself with a disguise of someone who used to be me. This clone, or other me, walks daily through my life. The other me lives like I do, yet numb, broken, nearly empty. Still, I hide inside waiting for the day I break through and emerge from self-preservation, eager to live and let life fill me again.

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