Friday, September 3, 2010

Living in a Smarter City.

My friend, Jamie, recently wrote about a certain company's "eco"-wannabe marketing ways. You can check it out here. Her blog triggered my eco-friendly passion, and I wanted to throw out a super cool fact about the place I call home.

Most of my eco-friendly ways were started while I attended college at the University of North Texas. Living in a progressive city only fueled my self-responsibility to the planet. After living here for 15 years, I am a resident beaming with pride to say I live in one of the top green cities in the America. Cited by the National Resource and Defense Council (NRDC), Denton, Texas is considered one of America's 2010 Smarter Cities.

Side note: Another cool fact is that Texas (a major oil and natural gas state) has four, yes I said four,
Smarter Cities.

Eco-friendly is more than a trend here; it is a permanent lifestyle. We aren't all "hippies" here in the "Little D", but I can guarantee you can find "crop-sharing" in the middle of town, more bike/walk routes, ways to recycle, and energy-efficient buildings all in this quaint "town" that Dentonites love.


~Jamie said...

This is one of the things I LOVE about Denton. It's a cool place to live, and people "get it" here.

I did NOT know about the crop sharing, though... tell me more!

Seriously, this is my favorite place to live. I am SO glad I moved back here!

sokkamum said...

I know what you mean by "getting it" and even though everything may have spawned from "hippie" ideas, it's made this place so AWARE of how to life the eco-friendly lifestyle.

The crop-sharing thing is more like garden plots actually, but you're sharing area with other gardeners and I think you can plant almost anything! Go there or to Keep Denton Beautiful.

I love it here too. As much as I sometimes want to move somewhere else for a change, I know I'll never leave.