Monday, April 18, 2011


It is time to resurface and write. The hiatus more than did its job. When I went on hiatus, I felt unsure of about everything in my life. Through changes, conversations, experiences, I realized what I already knew...I make my life with the choices of feelings, words, people, you name it. Instead of looking further outward of myself, I turned inward to rediscover myself and shift perspectives. During that time, I pushed people away, pissed people off, changed the dynamics of relationships. Yet, it was necessary to get the one person that lives my life back on track. Me.

Certain things, and maybe even people, of my life are gone. I send light, love, and happiness in that direction, but move on to a new direction where I feel more confident than I have in years. The loves of my heart are happy. I am happy.

*Note: Slowly bringing this blog back to life with a Tumblr addition as well. You'll see a few post dated Tumblr posts that may or may not have imported previously. Enjoy my hiatus writings.*

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