Saturday, February 14, 2009

To My Funny Valentines

To all of you who may read this, and to those of you who don't. Happy Valentine's Day. A day to show love to those who you care for. A day stemmed from a saint and makes commercialism proud. Yet, no politico today. Valentine's day is where even the most cynical and pragmatic woman turns romantic. Lucky for me, I have three males to ignore me. Just kidding. I dote on my boys on Valentine's day with heart-shaped pancakes and all sorts of "mom loves her kiddos" kind of stuff. I get romance from my life mate, who inevitably gets to bypass all of the Valentine hubbub since our anniversary is just 3 days before. Lucky him. But I still send Valentines to my family and friends (when life is not as chaotic as it has been this year, so my dear friends & family, I do apologize).
I have to say this year, my funny valentines are my best friends. Today, I can tell them that I love them as much as I love anybody else who is kept close to me. Even though, they know this (and they very well should!), I have to tell them. I love you dear friends!
To all who can read this....cynical or not, let love creep in or at least the fun-ness of the day. Happy Valentine's Day!

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