Saturday, November 14, 2009

Strong Is Beautiful

I recently saw this phrase while I was looking at running gear. This phrase, these three little words, made an impact on me. Funny, how the littlest phrase can come to mean so much to someone. This phrase holds two meanings for me, a physical one and mental one.

Strong Is Beautiful: Physical

As I gain strength and endurance during my fitness routine/marathon training, of course, I’m losing weight and creating a shape I’ve never had. Yet, I feel I look the best I ever have, and getting better everyday. I feel strong. Every part of my body exudes strength, not the overdone, muscle-bound body builder look, but everywhere, there is shape, tone, and definition. Strength equals beauty.

Strong Is Beautiful: Mental

The strength I now see in myself is different that the strength that people always told me I had. Over the years, many people, especially those I hold near and dear to my heart, have shared with me that they think I’m one of the strongest people they know. For the things I’ve been through, things I’ve encountered, things I’ve endured. I always wondered what they saw because to me, it was just doing what I had to for others, for what I thought was for myself. At the end of everyday, I prayed, wished, and hoped for someone to realize that I didn’t want to be strong anymore and offer to take my load.

I no longer feel that way. The transformation that has happened over the last six months hasn’t been just physical; actually that’s just a benefit. The transformation has been within myself. Daily, I feel empowered, strong, confident, everything I was when I was 18, fresh out of high school, ready to conquer the world. Running gives me plenty of time to think. I think about everything I want, don’t want, and need. Running gives me a chance to step back from myself and realize what’s in my best interest. It lets me sort out my thoughts and ideas before I come up with a plan of action. Who needs a shrink? Just give me my New Balance shoes and an mp3 player, let me loose, and cancel my therapy appointment.

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