Thursday, November 5, 2009

Texas Autumn Morning

Autumn has descended upon the Texas landscape. This morning as I leisurely drove to my office, I took in the sights nature provided, grateful that I get to drive through countryside every day. The rich, velvety purples intermingled with crisp, green grass, all basking in the morning sunlight. The commingled grasses led up to rustic wooden fences on which trees laden with golden and burgundy leaves draped. Smoky blues covered the rolling hills in the distance with bursts of brilliant golds, deep crimsons, and vivid greens creating a line of pigments, like candy for the eyes, as far as one could see. The rosy sun breaks through the defense of nighttime blues, reaching his fingers languidly over the hills and fields, gently nudging the world awake.

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Mrs. Fanderclai said...

You have such a gift. Really beautiful.