Saturday, July 10, 2010


I admit it, my birthday is by far, my favorite day of the year. Yes, I do love the attention (wow, I admitted that, too), but my birthday is bigger than New Year's in my book.

Of course, a party or some type of major fun is planned, hopefully surrounded by your favorite people. Even the ones who can't be there, feel close in spirit, in your heart.

For me, it gives me a good time to re-evaluate my year, my life, my everything; kind of like a midway stop to make sure I'm on track. Some years, the re-evaluation may be like a quick annual inspection on a vehicle. Other years, it may involve a complete overhaul.

I've been asked before why I put such a big emphasis on birthdays. I have heard "It's just another day." or "Birthdays are for kids." No, it's not. Birthdays are for everyone. Everyone has one. A person's birthday is that one special day to celebrate that one special person...yourself.

Birthdays are about the celebration of life; the journey that has brought you this far, and the hopes, dreams and plans to take you to the next and beyond. Birthdays celebrate the fact that without you, this world would be different.

Raise your glass, toast with me! Happy Birthday to my 31 years that brought me to 32 in any way possible. To the years ahead of me, may they be filled with fun, smiles, learning and love.

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