Thursday, July 1, 2010

Morning Commute

Very rarely does my morning commute involve cursing, banging on the steering wheel, or bumper to bumper traffic. I consider myself rather fortunate for my commute, even though I still secretly wish to work from home. Yet, my commute is a short one. 25 minutes tops usually, and that even includes dropping off the little ones. My drive takes me through town, a town I love, through the country on two-lane highways, and a small stretch on a fairly quiet portion of the interstate highway. Not many would complain about that commute. My favorite thing of my commute is rolling down the windows (weather permitting, of course) and blaring the tunes, singing right along or playing air drums on my steering wheel. Tunes ranging from Vivaldi and Beethoven to The Beatles to Kenny Chesney to Chevelle.

This morning was a particularly good morning for my commuting jam session. A tropical 77 ° with a warm breeze makes for a pleasantly uncommon Texas morning. The sun still slumbering behind a gray blanket of clouds keeps the air as cool as can be with weather from tropical storm Alex in the forecast. My mellow spirits began to lift as I lowered my windows and starting jamming to the playlist below. Check out the links to hear my morning tunes for today.

What music makes your mornings? Are your commutes just as pleasant, better, worse?

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