Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bus Stop Fall (Spring 2000)

Following is derived from a writing exercise to focus on voice or perspective as it's known outside of the writer's world.

Bill looked up from the ground and stared straight into the eyes of some gorgeous blonde, who just happens to be chuckling to herself behind perfectly manicured nails. Bob knew she was laughing about his trip down the stairs. This blonde helped him to his feet, complimented his tie, and introduced herself as Rachel Stevens, his new boss. Then she offered to buy him a cup of coffee.


Charlie chuckled to himself as some moron missed the last step off the bus and lands flat on his face. As a Greyhound bus driver, Charlie sees this thing happen all the time, but this time that moron gets help from some blondie that was just laughing at him. The last thing Charlie saw as he closed the tinted door was the moron and the blondie walking into the gas station together. Damn, some guys have that kind of luck. Fucking moron


After chuckling to herself at the guy tipping down the stairs, she feels like an ass when she realizes it's her co-worker, Bill. As Rachel helps Bill up to his feet, she thinks, "How can such an intelligent man not grasp the easy art of walking?" She tells him she likes his bold, blue tie, which she really does. She knows Bill is embarrassed, so she offers to buy him a cup of coffee.


Greg laughs to himself as he saw some typical guy in a suit fall off the bus. "Shit, he must feel like a fool," thought Greg. As he rang up two Budweisers for a customer, Greg saw some hot, blonde babe walk over to the guy in the suit with a smile on her face and help that guy up. "Man," thought Greg, "I wish it were that easy to pick chicks up."

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