Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tink's Diary (Spring 2000)

Dear Diary,

I can't believe he brought that bitch here of all places! This is my home too! First, he forces me to give up some of MY fairy dust to sprinkle the "Darling" brats so he he can teach them how to fly. Then, he brings her to my home! John and Michael I absolutley adore. Their only fault is that they are related to her. I know Peter doesn't love her. He just enjoys showing off. He acts the same way around those stupid mermaids. I just hate that Wendy. She probably doesn't eve care for Peter. She's just probably one of those girls who likes to have guys who have special talents. You know, like flying, detachable shadows, and never-ending youth. She won't last. She doesn't understand him like I do. I understand his world. I can be with him forever and never grow old like him. She doesn't understand the magic of his life. I can take care of him and love him like he needs. He can't handle some human broad. She's not magical. That's me. I'm the magic one.


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