Friday, July 25, 2008

Becoming Our Parents

Sometimes I wonder how my mom did it. Raised 5 kids by herself and juggled full-time work, church, our extra-curricular activites, and more. But there were costs of being in a single mom family. I do have some traits that she has, not necessarily parenting traits though. But no, I am not my mom. I believe I have a very different parenting style than she does, and every time I begin to lose my temper with my boys, remembering her temper with my brothers keeps me in check. But I do see her in some of the things I going all out for holidays and trying desperately to keep family night a sacred thing.

As for my dad...I have no idea if I'm like him. I only ever saw him a handful of times. I know I'm not like my mom's 2nd husband b/c he is the lowest type of person that I have ever encountered and he has ruined my little brother's life. As for my mom's 3rd husband, I can only strive to be like him. I know he's not perfect, but he's soft spoken, yet what he says is always important. He always thinks before speaking, finds joy in practically everything, has never-ending patience, and took us in when my mom had given up hope, treats us as his own children, and adores his (step) grandsons. And whenever I see him, he always makes an effort to squeeze me tight when he gives me a hug and tell me he loves me...just like a dad should.

I'm proud of the parent I've become, and each day, I think I become a better parent (even on those days I feel like the worst parent alive).

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