Friday, July 25, 2008

Sense of Self

I have always gotten crap about keeping up my active hobbies/interests/life (yes, even my college studies) after becoming a family and not giving up everything completely for my kids. Granted, my kids are my life, but I am an independent person who needs to experience my own things, and I expect my kids to be the same way. The extremely independent people are often the most creative, imaginative, and amazing people I have ever met.

So, today after reading Jo Frost's (aka Super Nanny) e-newsletter, I felt vindicated, maybe more like justified, when I read the tip of the month from her guest this month.


Rebecca Woolf's tip for moms: My grandmother's sage advice was/is "let the baby adapt to you." I think it's so-so important to maintain a strong sense of self, stay passionate about other things and experience life in ways independent of our children. This way our kids will never grow up in a household where they were resented. A mother shouldn't sacrifice her "self" for her children. It's not fair for her or her babies.

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