Friday, July 25, 2008

Technological Dependence

I admit it!

I have a technological dependency, and I cannot choose between one or the other or even that one over there. If someone actually took the time and sat and thought one thing after another, the conclusion would be that all of us have a technological dependency. It would just be a matter of where we define our technology. All of us cannot live without fire...the caveman discovered that. But we cannot live without items to build houses, whatever makes cars function, electricity, fiber optics, and satellites for all the new technological gizmos. (God, I sound like my grandparents -may they rest in peace). Therefore, I am baffled by the decision of the one gadget I must not surrender and hold close in spite of leaving all other devices deprived of my need!

Yet, like so many of the wanderers of the Internet who rove about, I choose the cell phone. Not only does it keep communications open between myself and the rest of this planet, it entertains the rambunctious ones with the games, Internet, camera and even the noisy buttons. This pocket-sized device is my computer away from my computer since with it, I have the ability to email, access money, and even rove the imaginary highway of the Internet. It replaces my digital camera in my most desperate attempt to capture the moment I need to see again and again. It replaces my calendar and day-planners, shoving 4 wildly different schedules into one tiny screen. It replaces my grocery list as I can record what I need to nourish my endlessly hungry familial companions. It substitutes practically every possible minute gadget or paper-ridden tool I have previously used in order to maintain the function of not only my life, but the strenuous life of my beloved, the hectic life of two very divergent lads, the schedule of a struggling, yet beginning business, and play double duty, if you would, as my hand-sized, scarlet, possibly cancer-causing, lifeline.

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